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CoLab’s suite of operations and management capabilities covers all aspects of clinical and molecular diagnostics, making us an excellent partner for healthcare providers needing dependable and top-notch diagnostic services. With an integrated network of 12 laboratories, over 1000 skilled clinicians and 18 clinical leads who collaborate on a common review system, we can handle large sample volumes, ensure speedy turnaround times, and help the medical community make informed decisions.

This is done by prioritizing efficient workflows with a seamless process covering every step, including ordering, sample collection, analysis, validation, reporting, and sample archiving. We use HL7, a standardized messaging protocol that integrates our laboratory information systems with electronic medical records to support our workflow.

In addition to our commitment to high-quality services, we have deployed Cobas Pro & Infinity across all core lab operations. This advanced system improves the efficacy of our laboratory processes, resulting in faster turnaround times and more reliable results. Through this tried and tested approach coupled with advanced technology, our team meticulously ensures consistent handling of each sample, minimizing the potential for error and providing efficient diagnostic services to healthcare providers everywhere. We have also developed a system where all the test reports and results are sent to the patients and the specialists so that no important report is missed, consequently lessening the chances of patient unsafety. Our key services include operations & engineering, licensing, clinical and LIMS. There are three stages in our management plan. Firstly, the project phase, in which we design the venture and plan business and advisory services. The second phase is the pre-operating phase. This phase is where we do the licensing, procurement, facility commissioning and other IT administrations. The final stage is the operations and maintenance stage, where we perform full-scale activities to improve the performance further, and manage the finances. It also includes the management and material and HRM compliance.